Oraimo Toast 10 Byte II 10000mAh 2.4A Max Fast Charging Power Bank


Product Parameters:

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Capacity: 10000mAh (37 Wh)
Input 1 (Micro-USB): 5V 2A
Input 2 (Type-C): 5V 2A
Output 1 (USB-A): 5V 2.4A (Max)
Output 2 (USB-A): 5V 2.4A (Max)
Dimension: 149mm X 69mm X 16.5


Product Features:

Wide View LED Smart Display–Battery at a Glance

A LED indicator is embedded in this portable power bank, displaying the battery percentage in exact detail. Ensure easy check and accurate battery capacity.

10000mAh High Capacity–Efficient Charging

Store a high capacity of 10,000mAh to charge all of your devices, help you stay connected during a power outage.

Universal Compatibility–Easy Charging

Work for almost any USB devices. Anifast™ technology intelligently identifies the fast-charging protocol of your mobile to deliver the speediest possible charge.

2.4A Max Fast Charging–Quickly Replenish Energy

Designed with 2 USB-A ports in combination with 5V/2.4A output. Juice up your devices like iPhone 20% faster at 2.4A max fast charging speed. The 5V/2A dual Micro-USB, Type-C input design enables you to fully recharge this power bank quickly.

Anti-scratch Texture–Durable and Comfortable

The unique anti-scratch design can effectively prevent stains and scratches, which better protects the appearance and provides a comfortable grip.

Color Variation

Black, White, Red


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