Celebrat G6 Stereo Music Earphone L Shape Stereo Pin


Product Specifications

1. bass good-14mm drive unit.
2. IOS one button to open siri.
3. With microphone on the cable, have the function of answer call & play music.
4. 3.5mm stereo plug applicable for most of mobile phones, portable media players, iPad, PC.
5. Speaker inside, cable material, with or without mic etc. all parts of this product can be customized.
6. CE/FCC/RoHS approval 7.14mm drive unit.


Celebrat G6 Stereo Earphone

Supports phones, tablets, computers, laptops, mp3, and other audio equipment.
Line microphone with call answer functionality, easy one-touch answer bottom.

7 upgrades to the world of music

1.  Three-layer loudspeaker
2.  Three-tone cavity
3.  Surround sound
4.  5 core wire design
5.  Double noise reduction technology
6.  Secondary anode process
7.  Master tuning

High configuration, create advanced sound quality
Medium and high-frequency unit, Double bass unit
Strong together, the interpretation of multi-band excellent sound Quality
HiFi lossless sound quality
High-end titanium-plated diaphragm with professional moving coil drive unit, under professional tuning, play a higher resolution, so that more

sound details can blossom

High-end titanium plating diaphragm, professional moving coil unit,
higher resolution

The third generation of Liyin technology
Thoroughly solve the current noise problem
Eliminate noise at the root and make the sound clearer

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